I’ve been pretty tough on newspapers’ Web sites for the last week or so. But newspapers actually do a pretty good job compared to the typical television broadcaster. A little later, I plan to write about why publishers are so much better equipped than broadcasters for the Web.
For now, let me say that Fox News just redesigned their site, and the result is godawful.
Supposedly, it’s designed to be “high bandwidth”, but all I know is that it performs like a pig on my DSL line. And by “pig,” I don’t mean Babe. I mean a big, fat sack of lard.
To be fair, Fox News Channel isn’t exactly the most elegant stop on the TV dial, either.
But…oh, the humanity!
With its pseudowindows swimming in a blue background; its pop-up menus that don’t work on a Mac; its jumble of news with ads with promos that make it impossible to tell who paid whom for what; the “Fox Connect” window where the ad cannot be separated from the content; its obviously ghost-written “blogs”; a creepy above-the-fold file photo illustration of the Supreme Court looming like an evil presence; its spammy text ads for viagra, diets, and offers to “crush old age”; and its bright-yellow bigger-than-Fox’s-logo terror Alert Status, the Fox News Web site looks like a porn site without the tits.